Saturday, September 30, 2006

In the beginning ...

Crystal Ball, originally uploaded by nominally_challenged.

In the spirit of my decision to share some of my paintings with the blogosphere, here is my first offering.

I've called this "Creation", though it needn't be called that, and in using that name, I am not necessarily making any theological points. It's just that the background scene seemed very idyllic and Eden-like, and there's something 'creationary' to it, in my mind.

I could, of course, be wrong.

It's up to the beholder(s) (i.e., you people) to decide.

Or not to decide.

Or just to say: "that's a fat load of dingo's kidneys".


Anonymous Yael said...

I'm in love with your painting! Can I say dingo kidneys anyway? --wow what an awesome expletive, gotta file that one away! :)

30 September, 2006 04:31  
Anonymous Yael said...


lynne (18:24:11) : edit

I check out the artwork and blog–very nice! I’d love to see more of this artist’s work!

30 September, 2006 09:31  
Blogger Tif said...

I second Yael and Lynne. Show us more :)

30 September, 2006 10:17  
Blogger Nominally Challenged said...

LOL Yael - thanks. I have to give credit where it's due, though. 'Not worth a pair of dingo's kidneys' was coined by the Late Great Douglas Adams (I'm sure someone else can provide me with chapter and verse on that one, but I'm pretty sure it was in H2G2).

Lynne thanks also! It's very encouraging to get these sorts of comments :)

And Tif, ok already! I'm on to it :) :) :)

30 September, 2006 11:13  
Blogger John said...

Dat's purty! :)

30 September, 2006 12:57  
Anonymous Drima @ The SudaneseThinker said...

Dude, that's some cool concept you've got here. NICE!

08 October, 2006 05:22  
Blogger Nominally Challenged said...

Thanks John!

Drima, thanks also, for stopping by again and for the comment :-)

I'm somewhat chuffed that so far no-one thinks the painting's a fat load of dingo's kidneys ...

10 October, 2006 01:04  

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