Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yet more from the Adnan Hajj school of investigative journalism

Apparently, wherever you look, if you're Hezbollah, there's a potential story.

Like this one.

The funny part being, they didn't even try to doctor the picture and superimpose an Israeli flag on it, or put in any token Hezbollah figures.

They just took the photo, of the sinking of the Royal Australian Navy's HMAS Torrens, and put 'moqavemat.ir" on it. Yes, guys, that is certainly enough to show that the ship, which was decommissioned and sunk by the RAN itself, in 1998 (a mere 8 years ago!), was in fact an Israeli ship hit by a Hezbollah missile in August 2006.

Absolute geniuses.

Hat Tip: Peter, commenting at no. 7 on Big Pharaoh's blog, here. Thanks Pete.


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