Friday, August 11, 2006

Absolutely Justified

I have come to the conclusion that it was absolutely justified.

The past month has shown me this, as have several of the months that preceded it.

It was absolutely justified.

And if the opportunity were to arise once again tomorrow, it would be absolutely justified tomorrow as well.

Yes, if the elections in this country were to take place again tomorrow, I would, once again, vote for the Green Leaf party. I was absolutely justified in doing so last time, and I would be absolutely justified in doing so again. Even though they didn't manage to rake together enough votes for a single seat (their voters apparently either being stoned at the time, or erroneously convinced that by voting for the geriatric party, they were in fact voting for their own dear old grandparents), I still think they deserve to be in parliament.

Heck, they couldn't possibly be worse than any of the other clowns that are in there now ...

So go the Green Leaf party! At least if they were to get drawn into a pointless war, there'd be something good to smoke ...


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