Friday, July 28, 2006

My own little milestone ...

10 years today since I made Aliyah.

And even more impressively (perhaps), 3 years in the same apartment.

I guess that means I'm here to stay ... ;-)


Blogger Noorster said...

We spoke this morning! You didn't tell me! You didn't tell me!! You diiii.... ehhhnnnn...
Mazal tov, you manly man :)

28 July, 2006 04:53  
Blogger Nominally Challenged said...

Yeah I know - because when we spoke, at the crack of noon, I'd only just woken up, and hadn't registered the actual date yet ...

Hahaha, 'manly man' indeed. Seems I need to show you those other photos, and soon! :-)

28 July, 2006 04:58  
Blogger Yael K said...

Wow, 10 years!! Ya better stay, what would we do without ya?

LOL, don't answer that.

29 July, 2006 04:24  
Blogger Udge said...

Congratulations (coming late to the party, but I'm not a regular reader).

30 July, 2006 01:17  
Blogger Nominally Challenged said...

Yael - LOL thanks. What would I do without all of you, though. That's the real question ... :)

Udge - Thanks for coming to the party! And welcome to the small but loyal group who reads my rantings. Happy to have you on board, even as an irregular. :)

30 July, 2006 01:44  
Blogger Red Tulips said...

Hello! I found your blog through Sandmonkey. Congrats on three years and ten years!

I am thinking of making aliyah, myself, but in a few years from now.

We'll see where life brings me!

15 August, 2006 10:08  
Blogger Nominally Challenged said...


Welcome to the commentary of what passes for my life! And thanks for the wishes.

Hoping you do make it, but all in good time of course :)

15 August, 2006 23:39  

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