Friday, July 21, 2006


Why oh why oh why do people get to the tops of escalators, and just stop?

Have they, in the long journey from one floor to the next, forgotten where they wanted to go?

Or are they simply bewildered by the technology and disoriented by the fact that the stairs, for some reason, have stopped moving?

People! When you step off an escalator, you've got to keep moving forward! There are other people behind you ...


Blogger Liza said...

Those people who got off the escalator and stopped, what did they look like? I think I've seen them get off the train and do the same thing, and of course, they must be the same people. I mean, how many people could there possibly be like that in Tel Aviv? :-)

23 July, 2006 02:48  
Blogger Nominally Challenged said...

Yes! It's them! :-)

How many could there possibly be, indeed ...

I think they are relatives of those two guys who stop at green lights to talk to each other via their car windows ...

25 July, 2006 00:30  

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