Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Club Med?

From today's New York Times online edition (the one what I get in my inbox, like).

Bombings Bring Season of Fear to Seaside Resort
The Hezbollah stronghold of Tyre, Lebanon, has become a
target of Israel’s bombing campaign.

I can just imagine the conversation in the tourist bureau:

Travel Agent: "Well, we do have an opening in Tyre, which is in Southern Lebanon"
Prospective Tourist: "Ooh, that sounds exotic"
TA: "Yes, very exotic. It's an ancient Phoenecian city, you know ..."
PT: "Ooh, Phoenecian eh? Lots of ruins then, I guess."
TA: "Oh yes, lots of ruins. Beautiful seaside really ... um, there is a bit of a catch though."
PT: "Oh, what's that then?"
TA: "Well, a militant Islamic group are using it as a stronghold ..."
PT: "Oh" [thoughtful pause] "pretty cheap in the off-season then is it?"


Blogger Savtadotty said...

Sounds like a Monty Python sketch. How about a War Zones World Tour?

18 July, 2006 05:58  

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