Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The word on the Street is ... 'baaa'

My doggie is a white miniature poodle.

I am used to people stopping to pat him, and totally ignoring me - after all, he is a dashingly cute, fluffy white poodle. I can see the attraction in stopping to pat him. I myself do it every so often.

I am also used to children pointing at him from their strollers and saying things like "WOOF"!

That is cute.

What I was not prepared for, however, was the child who, two days ago, yelled out from his stroller as he was being pushed along Sheinkin Street - "Look Mum! It's a sheep!!"

I guess it's time to take him to get his hair cut again ...


Blogger Noorster said...

Was Poodle offended? I hope not. I think this is merely a testament to his cuteness.

25 July, 2006 02:50  
Blogger Yael K said...

that is so funny!

26 July, 2006 02:20  

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