Saturday, July 29, 2006

On a slightly greener note

And just to show that things aren't entirely bad, my balcony is in full bloom (almost) ...


Blogger Yael K said...

Argh I hate you and your green thumb and your little dog too --because he does not systematically destroy all your plants! All those lovely plants you helped me buy for my apartment are on death's door from my beasts and the one I put downstairs in the building lobby to save it from the beasts got stolen. Ugh. Can I come enjoy your plants?

30 July, 2006 05:19  
Blogger Nominally Challenged said...

You are always welcome to come and enjoy my plants, and my general hospitality :)

30 July, 2006 05:36  
Blogger Savtadotty said...

I accept. Can't wait!

30 July, 2006 12:32  
Blogger Nominally Challenged said...

Savta - you have to come home first! :)

30 July, 2006 13:05  
Blogger John said...

Dat's purty! Are you gonna help US find a fabulous rooftop apt?!?!? Huh??!?!?

01 August, 2006 01:22  
Blogger Drima said...

Hey is that marijuana?? Cool! LOL

02 August, 2006 02:34  
Blogger Nominally Challenged said...

John, everytime I take my doggy out for a walk, I look up for rooftop apartments for you guys. I've gotta stop doing it, cos I keep walking into things :)

Drima, LOL, if you think that's marijuana, it's been WAY too long since you saw a marijuana plant :) That is a Frangipani (Plumeria alba). It has a wonderful fragrance but I don't think smoking it is going to have the desired effect :)

02 August, 2006 02:51  
Blogger John said...

Please don't hurt yourself!

04 August, 2006 05:56  

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