Thursday, January 13, 2005

Pardon me, but you seem to be shooting your own foot ...

I have decided that I live in a country of weird and wonderful news items.

The following gem was in todays "The Marker":

"For the past few days, Egged buses have been displaying billboards advertising a drug that treats impotence. The campaign slogan was "Sex C - There's another type of sex". The campaign featured a picture of a man and a woman.
As might have been expected, the Ultra-Orthodox expressed their resentment at the use of the word "sex", and demanded that the company which markets the drug cancel the campaign. The "Committee for the Prevention of Obscene Advertising" threatened that if the billboards weren't removed immediately, the Ultra-Orthodox, Orthodox and Traditional communities would boycott Egged.
The parties reached a settlement, whereby the word "sex" would not be written in Hebrew, but rather, in English, so as not to tarnish the honor of the holy language - Hebrew. In addition, the picture of the woman was to be removed from the campaign."

End of article.

Well, I think that this is definitely a case of 'snaps' for the Committee for the Prevention of Obscene Advertising.

Let's see what we have here. An advertisement for a drug for impotence now features a single man, standing alone, declaring that there is "another type of sex" - with the word "sex" standing out due to its being in a different language. One can only wonder what other type of sex the wise Committee had in mind, having removed the woman from the picture ...

I'm so pleased that my tax money is going to groups like this, who are obviously putting it to very good use. I look forward to seeing representatives of the Committee at the Pride Parade in June.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

And another thing ...

Ok, so I'm a newbie.

But for the life of me I can't work out how I get other people's blogs listed on my blog page. I think I know how to link to someone else's blog. I think you do it like this. That should have sent you off to Savtadotty's blog (and so should that ... :-) ) But (and I know, you shouldn't start sentences with "but", and that's the second time I've done it in one blog ...) BUT, how do I get that nice list that everyone has of their fave blogs. I already have some faves and I wanna link to them (throws tantrum ... waits a few seconds ... tantrum comes boomeranging back - that's an Australian thing ... sorry).

Help, o fellow bloggers!!

And many TIAs!

Why Christmas is bad for me

Christmas 2003, I lent an acquaintance a pair of high-heeled shoes for a drag performance that I was unable to do (he was standing in for me).
Christmas 2004 - I learned that he is now dating my ex.
Is there a lesson in this? Is that why my Booba always told me that you never lend anyone shoes or a musical instrument? (I wonder what might have happened had I lent him a musical instrument ...)

Monday, January 03, 2005

Ok I'm confused.

The names of my blog entries don't appear in a list like they do on Savtadotty's. Apart from that, I can't even link to Savtadotty's page to show you what I mean, because I don't know how.

Help me, bloggers!! I'm flailing!!

(waves arms about helplessly at curious onlookers which include cat and two pot plants - no, better call them house plants, just in case people get the wrong idea).

Any assistance as to what I'm doing wrong would be most helpful (and yes, I've worked out how to do bold and italics ... so I guess that's something ...)

It's raining, it's pouring ...

Ok, I was berated off line last night by an anonymous blogsphere personality for not blogging often enough - i.e., for only having one entry in my blog so far. "But I only received three comments on my existing entry," I protested, "and two of them were from my fairy goddaughter-cum-adopted mother ...". "Nevertheless," my entreater entreated, "if you want more comments, you have to give 'em food for commenting! There's got to be something in their for them to react to!"

Ok, well, point taken.

So this morning, when I woke up at the crack of noon to find that it was raining outside, I thought to myself - what better way to start the day off than with a blog?

What better way indeed?

And now, I am watching the rain make a valiant (and successful) effort to enter my apartment through all sorts of cracks around the windows, or through the space between the sliding doors that don't quite close properly. For 10 months of the year, this doesn't bother me, but when winter comes - short but in any event, most patently there - I suddenly remember that the windows don't exactly fit their frames; that the doors don't quite meet each other in the middle. And all of a sudden, my apartment a mess of temporary, ad hoc solutions.

Somewhat like the country I live in, really. A mess of temporary, ad hoc solutions.

But I won't grouch about that. Not today anyway, because it's raining. And the rain really is a blessing.

Anyway, just so that you maintain your levels of interest, in future episodes I intend to unravel the mystery of how Savtadotty is my fairy goddaughter and also my adopted mother. And I fully intend to run a serious name competition - entitled (oddly enough) "Name Nominally Challenged!". But, before I do that, I need to make sure that you could even give a damn, so I shall keep on typing, and hope that something that I write strikes a chord somewhere, with someone. Someday. Some - well, you get the idea.

That's all for now.


(By the way, the time on this thing is really strange - it seems to be set on California time. Are all blogs on California time? Is the blogsphere a real place in California? This wouldn't surprise me, I ask merely for information ... In any event, for the real time that I wrote this, add 10 hours. That's Tel Aviv time)