Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hot off the easel


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gosh, i do like these. especially the , er, bottom one.
you busy boy, you:D
K. of I.F.

01 November, 2007 00:30  
Blogger Nobody said...

you can relax with your flowers NC .. nizo has already explained you .. it's not about flowers .. it's about freckles ...

01 November, 2007 00:30  
Blogger nominally challenged said...

K of the IF :) Thank you! I'm pleased you like them. I'm pretty happy with them myself. I have occasional bouts of industriousness, interspersed with considerable inertia.

NB - one man's flowers are another man's freckles. Vive la difference. I leave the deflowering of freckles to the good offices of our mutual friend. Personally, I'd rather defreckle flowers :D

01 November, 2007 00:58  
Blogger nominally challenged said...

P.S. - K of the IF - to avoid any confusion again, "NB" in that last comment refers to the blogger who goes by the name of "Nobody" and who commented after your comment.

01 November, 2007 01:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, thank you NC:P i gathered as much.
K. of I.F.

01 November, 2007 05:31  
Blogger bullfighter6.2 said...

Dude, I'm totally loving what you're doing lately. I love how things are getting smoother, more blended and more ethereal...even psychedellic! (What you been smokin?)!

Still think you should post that painting that you sent to me. It might be a tad riske for the church (or synegoge) going types, but when you piss people off, you know you're doing something right!

I can't tell you how awesome it is that you're painting and sketching again. Bet it makes a difference in your daily contentment eh? Creativity is as important as food. Would love to send you some of my new writing. Let me know if you're interested ;)

16 November, 2007 20:00  
Blogger nominally challenged said...

Hey Bullfighter! Good to hear from you again. Thanks, I'm happy to hear that you like these. I'm really enjoying this new direction as well.

I'll definitely post that other painting, just as soon as I finish it. The version you saw is not the final, and right now I'm on vacation so it'll be a few weeks before I can even get to the easel again.

Creativity certainly is as important as food. And you know I'm dying to read your new stuff. You know where to send it ;)

I haven't got your email address with me here on vacation, so if you happen to see this comment, feel free to send me some of your new stuff to mine (I can collect it via web-mail, just don't have an address book on this comp).

As for what I've been smoking ... hmm, would it be bad if I said that I hadn't actually been smoking anything before I drew these? LOL

17 November, 2007 04:53  
Blogger The Raccoon said...

OK, I know what your secret is, man... you're not drugged when you think these up.

You're a worshipper of the Elder Gods!

The upper painting is obviously a representation of a Cthulhu ritual. The spiky black tentacles; the writhing, naked humans, engaged in some unidentified but disturbing activity... it's named "Ia Cthulhu Fhtagn", isn't it? :)

The bottom one is breaking with your recent tradition of glorifying Cthulhu - clean, minimalistic lines , creating an aesthetically pleasing and only slightly disturbing work :)

21 November, 2007 00:25  
Blogger Tsedek said...

I like the 2nd one. I like the surrounding 'nothingness' accentuating the softness of the 'lines' even more.

22 November, 2007 05:15  
Blogger nominally challenged said...

Raccoon!! - The Elder Gods! Who would have thought it? I mean, that wasn't what was going through my head, but I do like the train of thought. As for "Ia Cthulhu Fhtagn" - can I buy a vowel?

Tse - I really like the second one too - you're going to have to fight K of the IF for it, though (see above) :)

22 November, 2007 22:23  
Blogger The Raccoon said...

Deny it all you will, follower of the Elder Ones... this Raccoon is on to you :)

24 November, 2007 15:02  

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