Sunday, October 07, 2007


After a break of about three years, yesterday I went back to working with charcoal. What an amazingly versatile medium it is.

This is the result. I might do some more. What do you think?


Blogger Savtadotty said...

Do more!

08 October, 2007 19:12  
Blogger Tsedek said...

very powerful!

10 October, 2007 14:24  
Blogger Kiwi Boy said...

Yofi! :) It cools my eyes, you know?

10 October, 2007 15:16  
Blogger Nizo said...

.... a beautiful blend of power and softness... you have the sinewy muscles on top and as you work your way down you have the softer curves of the two behinds that combine to form a heart.

10 October, 2007 18:15  
Blogger nominally challenged said...

Hey people, thanks for the encouragement. With reactions like these I'll definitely be moved to do more. Thank you!!

11 October, 2007 01:35  
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