Tuesday, August 28, 2007


There is really only one word to explain the experience I had yesterday evening. That word is


Watsu combines movement in water with massage and I can honestly say I have never felt anything quite like it. You lie, eyes closed, in a pool of very warm water, floating, supported by the therapist, and in this weightless state, the therapist - Kfir Keinan - moves you around the pool in all sorts of ways, so that at times you feel like you are whooshing through the water, and at other times, you are absolutely still.

And the feeling is indescribable.

It felt like I was a dolphin. It felt like I was a jellyfish floating freely in the middle of the ocean. And it felt, at least once, like I was a baby again, and totally protected. It felt like all sorts of other things too, but you'll have to discover those yourselves ...

I don't often do this, as my avid readers (all 4.3 of you) are aware, but I'm going to give Kfir and his treatment a plug, because, well, it was just so good.

So if you feel like treating yourself, and you're looking for something different, which will probably leave you speechless (as it left me, and I'm blessed with verbal diarrhoea), then check out Kfir's website (in Hebrew only at this stage, sorry, though it looks like he's planning to add an English translation sometime).

And happy relaxing!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Soon to be residing in Paris :) (The paintings, that is. Not me ...)
These are relatively small canvases (40cm x 60cm) which I painted in 2005, and they were purchased yesterday. Needless to say, I'm very excited!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Eh bien

I have decided that I want to do a brief course in drawing or painting (or both) in Paris (or some other fabulous city in Europe) this autumn. Probably for a week, or maximum two weeks. So I'm looking for ideas.

If any of my faithful 3.45 readers has any ideas or has done something similar and can perhaps tell me where to look, I'd be grateful. My searches so far have revealed full academic semesters, or classes on a drop-in basis. I'm looking for something structured, yet brief.

It just strikes me that there must be something of this sort in Paris - after all, isn't that what Paris is for?

Hope someone out there has more of a clue than I do ... :)