Thursday, May 17, 2007

Paradise Lost

Much has been sung, especially off-key in karaoke bars, about horrid people having paved paradise to put up a parking lot. Which is an appropriate sentiment, one imagines, until one needs to find a spot to park one's car, at which point, one probably starts declaiming platitudes about the great march forward of progress, etcetera etcetera.

However, no-one has yet endeavored (to the best of my knowledge) to write a song bemoaning the loss of the local asphalt-paved, 15-shekel a day parking lot to make way for a 40-storey residential and office block, theoretical (at least) work on which has commenced on the parking lot adjacent to my building, which has been the source of many a happy 'tootling' (Noorster, please provide the reference for that word) over the last three and a half years of my inhabitation of this particular abode.

But alas, the congested meeting place of future scrap metal is soon to be no more. For yesterday, they came and started to cut the branches off the three large and extremely messy tress that grace said parking lot, in preparation to dig them out of the ground and carry them off to a better place, while construction of the symbol of progress takes place. They are presumably to be returned and replanted once all the dust has settled.

And so I believe that I am about to become neighbor to a rather large hole in the ground. Actually, if the noise and dust don't bother me, I might stay around to watch the spectacle. But the problem is that construction workers have this antisocial habit of starting work as soon as it is light, whilst I have the far more civilized habit of waking up at the crack of noon, as my faithful readers will recall. This could quickly become a conflict of interests.

And so my own little frangipani-filled paradise looks likely to be lost, in the very near future.


Anonymous Nicole said...

Don't know if your parking lot is the same as my one - but I have been complaining to everyone I know that I no longer have parking when I go to Tel Aviv once a week to study...

So you have my sympathy

17 May, 2007 03:16  
Anonymous Tif said...

Oh boy - don't tell me you're considering entering the mad apartment-search race? You can always just buy ours - it overlooks a parking lot just like you like :)

17 May, 2007 03:21  
Blogger Lirun said...

nothing like a friendly hole in the neighbourhood :)

17 May, 2007 03:39  
Blogger Nizo said...

"Lirun said...
nothing like a friendly hole in the neighbourhood :)"

Applause, that was pure genius...

17 May, 2007 16:20  
Blogger bullfighter6.2 said...

I`m sure if you buy a few bags of sand, some tar, and a DYI book, you could mix something together that resembles asphalt - and spread a little path on your balcony just to give you that feeling of hot parking lot.

Actually, I get a little excited whenever I see smooth asphalt. I picture exquisite rollerblading.

17 May, 2007 22:12  
Anonymous GV said...

tootle: to toot or blow gently on a flute or the like (tootling: to do so repeatedly).
also: to amble or meander about; to proceed at a leisurely pace.

19 May, 2007 04:36  
Blogger nominally challenged said...

Nicole - I doubt that you were using this particular parking lot when you come into TLV to study - unless you study at the shuk ...

Tif - I so hope I'm not entering the mad apartment-search race, but I could just be in denial about the whole thing. I have until August to decide whether this is going to really badly affect my life ... As for buying your place, I'm sorry, your carpark does not compare with mine :)

lirun - indeed ... no ... um ... (*blush*).

Nizo - wasn't it though? :)

Bullfighter - a very original suggestion and one I hadn't thought of. I could put a rollerblading path on my balcony. It would be a very short rollerblading path though ...

GV - "to amble or meander about"?? Really?? Do you have a reference for that, kind person of indeterminate gender? Many thanks in advance.

19 May, 2007 06:19  
Blogger Lirun said...

im ready for the next post now :)

21 May, 2007 04:25  
Anonymous rappy said...

Is that a Talking Heads reference in the first paragraph?

29 May, 2007 06:28  

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