Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's been way too long

I know ... and I'm not even really able to properly blog now either. But I'd been missing you people, and so, this is yet another short post, for only two small purposes:

Firstly, I wanted to post this photo. I don't know who took it, but I got it from Idan (thanks, Idan!), and I loved it. For those who don't recognize what's in it, that's the Tel Aviv skyline on a day of heavy fog (three days ago). The buildings in the foreground are the Azrieli Center. I think it's a pretty magical shot, myself.

The second reason I wanted to blog, is to send you people straight over to this new blog by John and Matt (way to go, guys!). I think that if we are to achieve peace (or piece) in the Middle East, then this is definitely the right way to go about it ;-) (oh, and make sure you check out their mission statement ...)


Blogger Mimz said...

The pic looks great.
I hope that some day I will get to visit Israel & see foggy Tel Aviv for myself :)

03 February, 2007 09:32  
Blogger nominally challenged said...

Hey Mimz, you really should come when it's not foggy. Of course, it's not foggy here around 99% of the year, so you're chances are pretty good of hitting a non-fog day :)

03 February, 2007 11:26  
Blogger IsraeliDiary said...

wow, that's a really cool shot of Azrieli!
Too bad it's a small image. Got a bigger one?

Gotta love the city, ever since I moved here from Arad, I've been enjoying the view, the people, everything except the air, the waste, the water, the traffic jams well never mind... :)

And thanks for the link for John And Matt's blog. Sounds interesting. I'll check it out.

02 March, 2007 13:44  
Blogger nominally challenged said...

Hey Diary :)

Welcome to Tel Aviv. Unfortunately, that's the size of the image as I received it. So, sorry, nothing bigger. But it might be floating around the internet somewhere.

Um, Matt and John's blog might not be your cup of tea ... so I hope you're not too shocked :)

02 March, 2007 14:10  
Blogger IsraeliDiary said...

Yeah, you're right about that.
But it's good to know that there's a gay community in Lebanon fighting for their rights. These people don't choose to be gays, they're born that way - and it's not like it's some kind of a flaw, they deserve to enjoy their lives like the rest of us.

As for the pic, it's a good idea - I'll google it.

03 March, 2007 00:38  
Blogger nominally challenged said...

On behalf of them, and of myself, thank you for saying that :)

03 March, 2007 00:56  

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