Thursday, December 28, 2006

Winter is here ...

And personally, I'm freezing.

That was going to be my entire blog, but blogger decided that it couldn't process it, for some reason, so I'm writing more, just to fill in time.

Anyway, did I mention that I'm freezing yet?

Idan has a succinct post that sums it up, really.

Today I went out and bought sweaters. Three. And a new pair of jeans. And some undershirts. And a button down shirt (because, well, you've got to). Oh, and a pair of shoes.

Later on this evening I discovered that things are so often not what they seem. Even when they seem it really, really clearly, they are still, sometimes, just not what they seem. And even more cryptically, perhaps, sometimes (or so it would appear) ping pong is just, well, ping pong.

More's the pity perhaps, but there you have it.

Freezing? Did I mention that yet?



Blogger Udge said...

Shoes? Have you been going barefoot for the last ten months? It must be really warm - and laid-back - in Israel.

29 December, 2006 15:00  
Blogger Tsedek said...

makes sense ;)

07 January, 2007 13:02  
Blogger nominally challenged said...

Udge - Pretty much. Barefoot or flip flops for most of the year. Israel is really laid back, especially when you work from home :)

Tse - I'm pleased that it does to you ... not sure whether it makes sense to me, even though I wrote it :)

14 January, 2007 03:46  

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